Milefy Design

We’ve put together three different design proposals at Milefy Labs and let our awesome users decide which one should prevail and become the future face of what will be the booking site of frequent flyers! I’ll tell you, after just one day, we’ve got so much feedback that we should be able to make a decision. Thank you so much, all you great people cast their votes!

The tricky part is that not one of the proposals has stood out yet, gloriously standing on top of the slayed mockup rivals with its sword raised towards the sky. No, no – the battle is still very much ongoing and we are looking for a winner! So if you haven’t voted yet, please have a look and do so right here!

Peace out!

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Additional mockups

Apart from the Demo 0.1 page at, here are a few more mockups – this time of results displayed also in normal list form, and not just as timebars! These mockups are the same screens as in the demo page, just with some new looks and functions:

– Screen 3: List, with filters
– Screen 2b: List, with alternative departures expanded
– Screen 6: List, sorted by CPAM
– Screen 3 again: Timebars, with filters

Now, these too are obviously still under work, but I figured some of you might be interested in seeing something a step closer to the final result. With that said, we still haven’t optimized the interface for user experience, so some modifications are bound to happen before we have this in HTML.

Comments, please! 🙂

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My blogging has been quite non-existent lately. Contrary to that, development and progress has been all but silent.

Four days ago, we launched our domain Currently we have nothing much to show on the homepage other than a small Launchrock-powered box asking visitors to register for an invitation to use that we’ll be sending out soon enough. I recommend you to sign up because once that what’s going on behind the scenes is out the door, things will be exciting!

Milefy is right now in the design + HTML stage whereafter all the various APIs and algorithms we’ve been putting together will be sewn into what will become an awesome service to frequent flyers!

More to come.

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Airlines / GDS / OTAs

It’s a bit old but relevant to understand the ecosystem of the airline industry.

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Demo 0.1

This article has been created only to serve as a discussion forum, in the comments section below, for the demo page of the frequent flyer’s flight search, found at

Comments on the following survey at are also welcome.

You are also welcome to email me at

Please feel free to curse and stab at all aspects of the demo!!

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Survey Analysis 1.0

A first glance at the survey results show that my targeted niche probably is not going to embrace the concept. So far into the analysis, at the idea validation stage, I believe I can say that the expert frequent flyers would not have much use of a service as I am proposing. Interestingly, however, I see some evidence of another niche showing signs of interest in adopting it – the “light-weight” frequent flyers. Flyers with an interest in mileage accrual, but that are not as engaged in it. At the moment, I have too few respondents with that profile to feel confident enough to say that that’s the case, but more respondents ought to do the trick.

I have a feeling that the survey will end at a crossroads where I need to amend the concept enough to accomodate either the expert frequent flyers or the light-weight ones. Right now, I am probably right in between the two.

More to come soon.

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Customer Development

The past couple of weeks, I have been a vivid student of Customer Development, a methodology specifically useful for software startups. I have been familiar with the notion but not until emailing with a very helpful developer and entrepreneur that asked me to have a deeper look at it did I do so. And I am glad I did!

In other ventures, we have pretty much done the same activities as preached by Customer Development, but in a much more disorganized manner. We would make ad hoc decisions on what needs to be done at any given status quo and take action until coming to the next milestone and make more ad hoc decisions. Very non-scientific and time-consuming.

Customer Development as a concept has organized my view on startup activities significantly. Although it has been formulated for software startups, I can definitely see that we can apply its teachings to our construction and hotel product businesses, too.

My two favorite features: 1) Validating your product with the market before developing it, and 2) time-to-market will be much shorter.

We have pretty much done things the other way around. First, we’d launched a product and fine-tuned it along the way as we meet and get feedback from hundreds of customers. In the end, we’ve got a pretty solid offer but, oh, has it taken time, man! Yes, indeed, it has.

Right now, I am contacting a number of potential users of a travel search product as I’m trying to develop, and hope to have gathered an advisory board in the coming days. These helpful souls will (hopefully) praise the idea to the heavens or (hopefully not) damn it to hell. Either way, with the feedback, some twitching and turning ought to perfect the features, before the real developing starts.

More on Customer Development:

1) Ash Maurya’s blog
3) Steve Blank’s homepage (creator of Customer Development)
4) Search for “Customer Development” on


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